Monday, May 30, 2011

update update!

stopped blogging for a few months, many things happened. many happy and a few sad things happened. =(

prom night last year was just OK! even though that was my first prom. =) it all happened too fast. right after prom night, the next day we went MELAKA! (me, mich, tuffy, and byun) we had tons of craziness! funny pictures, videos and moments we've gone through together. its really unforgettable.

on january, i went JAPAN. its just awesome! went to universal studios, disneyland, skiing, ate food i never seen before, its just an amazing experience!

and finnally, college starts, new friends came into my life, =)
but i will never forget my high school friends. (WE ARE ONE) <3

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


HI!!! =D
its been soooo long! since i blog.. blek,,
well now,, it after my SPM, prom and holiday with friends in melaka.

i'll blog more next time!!
stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


some cute dog and cats picture..=DD
some are really cute!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

temple and pets world!!

so,, yesterday,, woke up around 8,, and off to pj...
first,, drop by in temple. =)

then,, to breakfast!!

my grandma!!

my roti canai.. heheheh
read the rules!!
the fourth one.. MIND YOUR LANGUAGE!!

then to midvalley..
to the convention hall.. its pets world!!

saw my cousin too..

came home with lots and lots of dog stuff

all free gifts!! except the t-shirt la.. hehhe

whisky happily accepting the gifts.. hahah

got lots of paper and recycle bag

big packets of kibbles

small packets,

small boxes,,

the green thing for dogs nails.. =)

and lastly,, canned food!!

tomorrow,, back to school... PFFFT!